Iqra' Association's programme: Cultural and Recreational Activities for Children affected by the war

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The Israeli war on Lebanon affected the Lebanese society deeply. The children were the most affected by war. It is important to mention that third of the victims were children under twelve years old. Many psychological effects resulted from this war and assistance is urgently required.
Iqra' Association, over the past 11 years, was able to establish a solid network with 83 public schools all over Lebanon. Iqra' Association, as a non governmental non-profit organization, aims mainly at encouraging reading among Lebanese children and youth. All Iqra? Association programmes/activities are approved and supported by the Ministry of Education.
Based on the above, Iqra' Association instigated a support programme:
The project is entitled "Cultural and Recreational Activities for Children affected by the war". It aims to reduce the psychological and emotional impact of war on affected children, and to give them a little hope for their future through providing cultural and recreational activities.
The targeted children are students of the six elementary levels in ten public schools benefiting from Irqa' Association in the South and Nabatyieh region.
The proposed project will start in January 2007 over a period of six months. It mainly includes activities like storytelling, drawing, painting, music, theater and other cultural entertainment.
A Mobile Activity Unit will be created and properly equipped. A team of professionals including a psychologist will be responsible for the implementation of the project, with the contribution of volunteers from Iqra' Association members.
During the lifespan of the project, the MAU will visit the ten selected schools twice, conducting a number of cultural and recreational activities with the participation of elementary students, their families, teachers, schools director, community leaders and members.
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